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Protect your website and increase your sales.

Website protected with SSL certificate

Why buy an SSL Certificate?

Quick Validation

The validation procedure is very simple and all necessary steps will be followed by the HostMedia team.

Solid Security

We use one of the best companies in encryption, certificates with 256-bit encryption, SHA-2 encryption, as well as 2048-bit root.

SEO Ranking

In addition to securing your users' data, installing SSL can improve your positioning on search engines.


Show that you care about your visitors. With the SSL certificate, data can be inserted into forms with greater security.


Our certificates are compatible with the largest and most used browsers, guaranteeing at least 99% accessibility.

Security Seal

After activating the certificate, you will be able to include on your website the seal with a link to the certifier, thus ensuring the validity of your HTTPS.

Security for you and your customer.


It is evident that we feel good shopping in a store that offers peace and security, this would be no different in the virtual environment. Pass this feeling on to your customers, ensuring a great shopping experience, increased visitation and profit growth in your campaigns on your website.


We know that when the customer feels protected he does not hesitate to buy. There is no one who likes or wants your information such as name, address, phone numbers, etc., to be copied or cloned. Increase security on your site and give customers confidence with our SSL certificates.



An economical, fast and easy option to protect your website.

DomainSSL (DV)

This certificate is mostly used on small websites, systems, intranet, extranet.

OrganizationSSL (OV)

A validation certificate that provides domain credibility for your website.

ExtendedSSL (EV)

It gives your website greater credibility by turning the address bar green.


AlphaSSL DomainSSL (DV) OrganizationSSL (OV) ExtendedSSL (EV)
Security Padlock
Green bar at URL address
Validation period 3 minutes or less 5 minutes or less 1-2 working days 3-4 working days
2048 Bit Encryption
Browser compatibility 99% or more 99% or more 99% or more 99% or more
Mobile device support
Protection with or without www

SSL Certificate FAQs

What is an SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificate is a small data file that digitally links an encrypted key to a company's details. When installed on a web server, SSL activates the lock and https protocol (through port 443), allowing secure connections between the web server and the browser.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are an essential part of the internet. In addition to encrypting the communication between your computer and the server where your website is hosted, these certificates offer verification that a website is in fact what it claims to be. This helps users avoid phishing sites, which are very similar to real websites, but which are designed to steal personal information.

What is encryption?

Encryption is an encryption technique that makes data incomprehensible so that only the sender and the right recipient are able to receive it legibly.

Do I need a Dedicated IP to use SSL?

It is not necessary, but we recommend to have a dedicated IP configured in your domain.

How will my customers know that I have an SSL Certificate?

When they access your website, the padlock will be displayed in the user's navigation bar, leaving the prefix of their address with HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), however, the links in the site codes, need to be set up correctly.

For the ExtendedSSL Certificate the user's browser bar will be displayed in green.

Which websites need an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are very useful for online stores and websites that need to protect private data (user, password, personal information, etc.). As the concern with data protection in browsing increased considerably, search engines started to favor sites that have SSL Certificates in their results. In addition to customer protection, you improve your positioning on search engines.

What is an SSL Wildcard Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is issued only for one domain, which results only in the protection of that domain that was issued. The SSL Wildcard tool allows the certificate to be used by the issued domain and by unlimited subdomains linked to that domain.

I will change the domain of my website, can I use the same SSL Certificate?

No. Once the SSL Certificate is issued for one domain, it can't be used for another domain. In this case you will need to purchase a new SSL Certificate for your new domain.

Already have a registered domain?

Now that you have discovered the benefits of the SSL certificate and how it helps you protect your customers' data, how about getting to know the new extensions or purchasing a web domain for your business with HostMedia?

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