Domain Transfer

Transfer your domain to anyone who cares about your business.

Transfer your domain to HostMedia

Transfer process

Prerequisites for transferring domains.

Unlock your domain at the current provider and obtain the authorization code.


Make the transfer request by filling in the fields at the beginning of the page.


Make the payment and then validate the transfer using the message sent to the domain's administrative email.


Ready! The domain was added to your HostMedia account and now you just have to wait for confirmation from the international entity.

Before we start...

  • The domain can't be a recent registration, it must be at least 60 days old.
  • It can't be expired or about to expire. (We recommend starting the domain transfer 45 days before the domain expires).
  • Check if the domain's administrative email is working, authorization will be sent there.
  • Each domain transfer automatically renews the registration for at least one year.
  • After domain transfer validation, the process usually take 5-7 to complete.


Some extensions supported for domain transfer.


Transfer Renewal
.com $11.99/yr $12.99/yr
.net $15.99/yr $19.99/yr
.org $15.99/yr $19.99/yr
.us $9.99/yr $12.99/yr $182.99/yr $217.99/yr
More extensions


Is there a cost fee to transfer a domain?

There isn't fee to transfer a domain, but you need to pay for one year more of domain renewal.

Can I transfer an expired domain?

No, it is necessary that your domain is active in order to carry out the transfer process to HostMedia.