Data Centers

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Much more than a hosting provider

Since its birth, HostMedia has utilized the best and most modern technology in it's infrastructure to provide a fast, safe, stable and environment that is capable of supporting emerging and sustainable technologies.

Besides our focus with networks and servers, we are attentive to the environment where the equipment is installed. Air conditioning, power supply, supply of redundant connections and site security also receive permanent care from the technical staff of the Data Center.

We provide quality services and we realize that, in addition to the best infrastructure, we must provide you with agile, ethical and effective support.

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We take care of all the details


Supermicro and Dell servers, Intel processors, SATA drives, SAS and SSD, RAID controllers w/ BBU, DDR4 memories, network cards with 1Gbps ports, etc.

High Speed Network

Redundant fiber optic connections with many operators, guaranteeing the websites hosted on our servers high availability and access speed.


Power systems with redundant power supplies, UPS and state-of-the-art generators to ensure continuous power to the racks.

Physical Security

All facilities are protected 24/7/365 by on-site staff, access control, biometrics, camera surveillance and security alarms in all areas.

Air Conditioning

Precision controlled air conditioning systems cool equipment and provide an environment of adequate temperature.

Experienced Professionals

Our collaborators have certifications of the most varied technologies and a great involvement with the internet.

Technology partners, Intel, Supermicro, Dell, Juniper, LSI, Brocade

Data Centers


The Data Center in the United States is located in the north of Orlando and was built within the strictest safety standards, regarding the availability of energy, air conditioning and preventions to various risks.

  • 75,347 square feet
  • Construction with concrete walls
  • Withstands category 4 hurricanes
  • Conference room
  • 2 UPS in a parallel N+1 configuration
  • Caterpillar and Katolight diesel generators
  • Constant 72F/45% humidity precision control
  • Multiple Tier 1 network providers

São PauloBrazil's flag

In the Brazil, it is located in São Paulo, the economic heart of Latin America. It was built in a strategic area and is based on sustainable ideas and the concept of green IT.

  • 86,000 square feet
  • Concrete building
  • Uptime Tier III Certification
  • Meeting rooms
  • 2N power redundancy
  • 2 Power Inputs
  • 4.0 - 12.0 kVA per rack
  • 3 x 2,500 kVA diesel generators