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A past of conquests, a future of victories!

About HostMedia

The HostMedia is you on the Internet!

"Yes, that's right! It's your ideas, the work you do, the art you create, the hobby you have, the company you own, the business you do, your desires and dreams, your passions and loves, your past life, present and future ....

HostMedia is all that and whatever else your mind imagines and your heart desires. It is the "materialization" of everything you want, need, do, feel, desire or is, on a website on the internet, in an uncomplicated, objective and accessible way to anyone."

We are one of the main providers of domains, hosting and servers, in addition to stability and security, our main focus is to provide quality products and differentiated service to customers.

Our team is made up of people who love what they do, specializing in technology and with roots in the internet. We intend to revolutionize the web services segment, democratizing network access and digital inclusion by providing an original, flexible and transparent alternative.

Currently HostMedia has more than 30,000 domains hosted on its network, not to mention hosting companies with high profitability that, based on sensible financial reasons, outsourced HostMedia services instead of maintaining their own operations and technology center. Among our clients, we also have renowned companies and private companies that intend in the future to become a power in their segment.

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Dedicating ourselves daily for you.


Understand and help people and companies to be present on the web, providing quality products and services with affordable costs and differentiated service.


To be a leader in quality, a reference in customer service and the best provider of web services.


  • Dedication and Commitment in everything we do
  • Respect for employees, customers and partners
  • Ethics and Transparency in our relationships
  • Quality in the products offered
  • Passion for what we do
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A prosperous and innovative future!


We believe that technology has come to revolutionize, bringing new opportunities and facilitating the daily lives of people and companies. At HostMedia, we are attentive and investing heavily in the development of innovative products to offer our customers the best, thus contributing to make ideas come true. Much is yet to come. We are an extremely united team, passionate about technology and we want to surprise you!